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Although caring for a loved one is your utmost priority, we understand how emotionally and physically demanding it can be.


We do everything we can to maintain your established routines and we welcome any advice on how best to keep things calm and comforting while you’re away.

It doesn’t always mean that your loved one stays at home with a carer while you take time away. Sometimes, it means that we take on the jobs so you can spend time relaxing together.

Short-term respite care to get you back on your feet

Respite care is a sensible option when you’re recovering after an operation or a fall. If you need urgent care while getting back to full strength, it’s much more comforting to recuperate in your own home.  You’ve got your favourite food, the bed’s just how you like it and when you’re feeling up to it, we positively encourage as many visitors as you want!

Respite care can mean different things to different people. We are happy to simply help around the house or to work with Occupational therapists, nurses, and medical professionals to help you achieve your recovery goals.

When you’re well on the road to recovery, the focus may shift to rehabilitation care. We pride ourselves on providing care while you recover. 

“In January this year my 90 year old Mum, who has dementia, had the latest of many falls in her flat.  We decided that she should move in with us. We had a ski holiday booked and thought of cancelling when we met a member of staff from Vow Care . Our concerns vanished overnight. Regular phone calls to our daughter filled us with confidence that Mum was well, medicine compliant and happy. Vow Care were excellent and we are using them again. We would highly recommend them

It is our job to give you the reassurance that your loved one will receive the highest quality care for a few hours or while you take time away to look after yourself.

For many people considering respite care, it can be difficult to make the initial call to us as you may feel like it’s an acknowledgement that you’re not quite coping anymore, (either a few minutes, hours and live-in respite) we can support.

We see it in a slightly different light, we like to support and often for you to take some time away to recharge your batteries.

We provide care for couples as well to stay together. track.

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