Respite Care


What is respite care?


Respite care delivers the same high standard of care as our residential residents receive, including:

  • An assessment of the needs and preferences of the person staying

  • Physical, mental and emotional support delivered as part of the care plan

  • A comfortable private room, fully-furnished, with a shower/bathroom

  • A wide variety of activities and events that align with their interests

  • Nutritious meals and snacks, tailored to their dietary requirements


What are the benefits of respite care?


Respite care has clear benefits for both carers and older adults with care needs.

A carer's own mental or physical health relies on sufficient time for work, hobbies and relationships. They may also need a holiday to relax from the strain that long-term care responsibilities can bring.

Equally, a person receiving care can benefit from a change of scenery, both physically and mentally, as well as any additional medical care that they may need. It's also a chance for them to meet new people, take part in different activities or learn something new.




Respite care is temporary care offered to older people and their carers, sometimes after a hospital stay or to provide a break for carers. Your loved one could be recovering from surgery, an illness or an accident - Vow Care offers short stays, giving your loved one the time to recover in a luxurious and safe environment. Respite care is also an excellent way to try care, to understand if it’s a long-term option, and to give you a realistic view of life at Vow Care.

We can accommodate urgent requests or planned stays - our teams are well equipped to help you through the process and deliver the care you need.

For many people considering respite care, it can be difficult to make the initial call to us as you may feel like it’s an acknowledgement that you’re not quite coping anymore, (either a few minutes, hours and live-in respite) we can support.

We see it in a slightly different light, we like to support and often for you to take some time away to recharge your batteries.


What does respite care include?

“My father-in-law went to Vowcare initially for respite care and was very hesitant, but due to the wonderful care he has received he has settled and decided to stay and make it his home. He has some personal pieces from his bungalow and to quote him his room is "a home from home".

Christy D, Daughter-in-law of Resident at Vow Care