Palliative Care


What is palliative care?

'She could not have had better care. The facilities are wonderful, the staff are warm and caring and Sunrise made sure her final days were pain-free, dignified and untroubled...She loved being there - the facilities were first class - and the staff were more caring than I could have imagined. It could not be less like the sort of place many people have in mind when they talk of a "home".'

Jane, Daughter of Resident

At Vow Care, our support for those needing end-of-life care ensures a comfortable, dignified environment with medical staff, hospices and other professionals on hand whenever needed.


Our care teams provide companionship and support to residents and their families while providing a reassuring consistency during a difficult time. 


Our palliative care delivers:

  • 24/7 expert care in a safe and homely environment

  • The right support for our residents’ families

  • Access to a wide network of experienced professionals

  • A care plan to keep our residents and families informed at all times